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Grin & Barrett Entertainment, LLC (or GBE for short) is the business arm of the Barrett brand and was born in early 2014. While we all wish we could just make music and the money part would magically take care of itself, sadly, this is not the case. The incorporation was mostly a formality, but it does help keep the IRS out of Barrett's hair. Click the GBE button above to see the booking form!


If you're still reading, you might be wondering where Barrett came up with such a clever name for her entertainment company. Well, the name was inspired by her folks (I know, who admits that!?): when she was little, Barrett's parents would use the idiom "Grin and bear it" to help people understand her name when she was introduced to them. They'd say, "Oh it's so nice to meet you [stranger's name here]. This is our daughter, Barrett, like 'Grin and bear it'." Although Barrett ultimately failed in her attempt to convince her parents to name her younger sister Grynn (you know, to make it really legit), the phrase stuck: Barrett introduces herself that way to this day.

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