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B arrett Johnson has always wanted one thing.

After years of hard work, careful cultivation, and absurd amounts of practice, she finally has everything she needs to achieve her goal. What is that goal, you might ask? to be a star magician.


Whoops, sorry; that’s not right. Musician. Barrett has always wanted to be a musician. Someone must have fiddled with our notes.


Barrett grew up in a very musical household, with a music teacher for a mother and a singing, guitar-playing father. It was her father’s military career that provided her with such a variety of households and experiences as a child, moving 5 times before she turned 8. The family finally settled in a DC suburb, 2 weeks after Barrett received what she thought would be the best gift ever: her baby sister (who, not so coincidentally, is also a talented young musician).



With such a unique world experience at such a young age, it’s no surprise that Barrett turned to the creative arts. She started her educational journey with music in 5th grade band and played saxophone all the way through high school. Although she'd been singing and acting from the moment she entered the world, it wasn't until high school that she got involved with organized theatre and choir. Her high school musical experiences shaped her into the headstrong, confident musician she is: from being in three top-level ensembles and holding down the leading role in the spring musical (at the same time) to being selected for honor ensembles galore. Barrett went on to attend the University of Miami's prestigious Frost School of Music where she performed in internationally touring choral ensembles, award-winning vocal jazz ensembles, and world-premiere musicals. After graduating she moved to Baltimore and began pursuing work as a professional vocalist. She then spent a year in Nashville, honing her new-found songwriting craft and picking up a whole new catalog of stylistic influences. She has since returned to the East Coast where she is working as a vocalist and bandleader, and is in the process of writing her first EP. 


Barrett’s strongest musical attribute has always been her versatility. It is that versatility that has allowed her to bounce between genres, effortlessly singing choral music one minute and belting out rock anthems the next. Barrett has an innate ability to tailor her vocal stylings to whatever song she's singing. But make no mistake: that chameleon-esque quality doesn't make her forgettable. On the contrary, her voice is extremely recognizable regardless of the style she applies it to. The warm, rich quality pairs as well with a Pinot Noir as it does with a smokey scotch (neat, thank you), and her writing reflects this flexibility as well. Barrett is not one to be contained.


For now, she eats, sleeps, breathes, and writes in her Baltimore rowhome, where she lives with the loves of her life: her rescue dogs, Timber and Bay (and, of course, her human love, too). We’re sure there’s a song forthcoming.


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